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How music got free

"How Music Got Free" is a book written by Stephen Witt. It chronicles the evolution of the music industry in the digital age, exploring the impact of piracy, technological advancements, and the transformation of distribution channels. The title refers to the unauthorized distribution of music through file-sharing platforms, which significantly altered the traditional music business model. The book provides insights into the challenges and changes faced by the industry as it grappled with the shift from physical to digital formats.

"How Music Got Free" by Stephen Witt offers a detailed narrative on the digital revolution's impact on the music industry. Delving into piracy, technological advancements, and the changing landscape of distribution, Witt explores the transformative journey from physical to digital formats. The title captures the essence of unauthorized music distribution through file-sharing platforms, marking a pivotal shift that challenged traditional industry norms. This insightful book unveils the complex dynamics that shaped the modern music landscape.

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