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Created & Hand Crafted By Lynne Schabhetl


Indulge in the essence of Aries with our captivating jacket. Inspired by the legendary Ram of Greek Mythology and the coveted Golden Fleece, this hand-embroidered masterpiece intertwines the celestial story of sacrifice and triumph. Imbued with symbolism, it mirrors Aries' fiery passion, strength, and resilience. Radiating the hues of Aries' fervor and tenderness through carefully chosen flowers and colors, this jacket embodies the multifaceted nature of Aries' personality. Feel the embrace of everlasting love and unwavering determination represented by honeysuckles and thistles, while channeling the power and dynamism associated with Ares, the Greek God of War. Embrace your unique connection to Aries; this jacket is more than a garment—it's an embodiment of celestial prowess, waiting for you to make it yours.

Aries: The Ram of War Jacket (Embroidered) (Hand Crafted)

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