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Created & Hand Crafted by Lynne Schabhetl


Immerse yourself in the allure of our unique, hand-embroidered jacket that champions the cause of apex predators like wolves. Crafted to amplify awareness of these majestic creatures, this piece celebrates the rich heritage and vital ecological role of wolves across cultures and ecosystems. 'On Wolves' transports you to the enchanting northern forests of America and Canada, the natural domain where these captivating beings thrive and are undergoing restoration efforts. Once ranging from Greenland to Ethiopia, their habitats have drastically dwindled. Despite conservation endeavors, they face persistent threats in their habitats. Join our cause—10% of your purchase directly supports Wolf Haven International, empowering their mission to protect and preserve these remarkable creatures. Own more than a jacket; be a part of safeguarding the legacy of these awe-inspiring apex predators.

On Wolves Jacket (Embroidered) (Hand Crafted)

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