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how to go on tour as an independent artist

Going on tour as an independent artist involves several key steps:

1. Plan and Budget: Outline tour dates, locations, and budget for expenses like travel, accommodation, and promotion.

2. Book Venues: Identify suitable venues and contact them well in advance. Negotiate terms and secure dates.

3. Promote Shows: Utilize social media, email newsletters, and local promotions to create buzz around your tour.

4. Logistics: Arrange transportation, accommodations, and equipment for the tour.

5. Network: Connect with local musicians, venues, and communities. Collaborate for shared shows or promotional support.

6. Merchandise: Have merchandise ready for sale at shows to generate additional income and promote your brand.

7. Legalities: Ensure you have the necessary permits, contracts, and legal documentation for each venue.

Embark on an indie tour: plan, book venues, promote, handle logistics, network, merchandise, ensure legalities, and connect with fans for a successful journey.

8. Connect with Fans: Engage with your audience before, during, and after the tour through social media and email updates. Remember to plan thoroughly and be adaptable, as touring independently requires careful organization and promotion.

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